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Low Code Application Platforms, what others say.

Many people who start working in low code find it difficult to get good background on the topic. To make this easier I have put together a number links to useful resources here:

Low Code Daily

This is a great resource with a daily compilation of the key news in the Low-Code industry. Low Code daily is curated by Nigel Warren ( )

To get your daily digest of news and articles from “the world’s leading providers of Low-code and no-code application development platforms”, just subscribe on the site.


Medium is a great source of curated news. If you search for "Low Code" on medium you will find traesure trove of good articles on all aspects of Low Code there. Give it a try.

ADTMAG Application Development Trends

ADTMag covers a broad range of Software Development topics and as such it has many good articles on low-code too.

ADTMag is definitely a source we recommend you consult regularly for low code articles of substance.


You have probably consulted this but Wikipedia is always worth a quick look too.


CIOReview is a great source of good content aimed at C level exec. What is even better is that it has a whole stream of articles on Low Code. From a strategy and culture perspective it covers topics such as digital transformation and agile development methodologies in the context of low code. From a more technical perspective it covers topics such as workflow automation, data integration and app provisioning in low code as well as the enterprise architecture angle low code.

Computer Weekly

Computer weekly is an old stalwart. Check out articles le the following:


FORBES ( yes what used to be the buiiness magaizine) definitely is a must consult old stalwart. Simply search for "low code" on the site:

And check out articles like this one:


DZONE is trusted resource on all things computer and development - and that includes Low Code. Simply search for "low code" on the site:

And check out articles like this one:

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