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Your decision making data

sorted in just weeks with 

 axellera  Decision Data Central.  

No Rocket Scientists Needed ! 

Decision Data Centralized

at Rocket Speed

  When Speed Matters  

What others have achieved with the axellera platform... 

in Four Weeks

IIOT digital twin for decision making in the utilities industry. 

 e Claim Validator for Health-care Providers in a National Health-care 

Integration of diverse rule sets data sources and systems

in Eight Weeks

Ratings Data Discovery ingesting securities and issuer ratings inform-ation handling compl-ex multi source feeds in a time critical environ-ment- ment in a large International bank

in Twelve Weeks

Payment claim and coding validator for healthcare providers in a national health-care system in the middle east. Integration with many rule sets, data sources workflows, systems.  

in Six Months

Healthcare Insurance Claim Validator for Providers in a Natio-nal Health-care system in the Middle East. 

Integration with diver-se data sources and systems

What will you achieve together with axellera ?

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